Policies and Procedures

Faculty, Staff and Student Accomplishments

The accomplishments of faculty, staff and students are shared in a variety of ways- through feature stories, social media platforms, press releases, newsletters, and other publications. Accomplishments, ideas for news stories or initiatives that may be of interest to the public or news media may be submitted by completing a Campus Accomplishments, Initiatives, and News (CAIN) Report at


Campus Email Announcements   

It is the policy of Harris-Stowe State University to coordinate all mass email announcements through the Office of Communications and Marketing. Only announcements that pertain to University business or sponsored activities can be distributed via the Hornet email system. Limited exceptions are announcements of community events that may be of interest to the campus community.

The Department of Public Safety may send some messages regarding campus safety, and the Office of Information Technology will issue those messages that are information technology-related.

Before submitting an announcement for campus-wide distribution, approval must be obtained from a department supervisor, chair, director, dean, or vice president. After supervisor approval, announcements should be sent to All announcements should be submitted at least one week before the desired date of distribution. The Office of Communications and Marketing manages the Weekly Hornet Buzz, which delivers campus activity information to student, faculty and staff inboxes each Monday during the academic year. To manage the volume and improve our outreach, email messages intended to reach the entire campus will be scheduled on Monday and Wednesday. Requests for emails need 2 - 3 days advanced notice at minimum.

The Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to modify or format messages following best practices.


Creative Services Project Request

The Office of Communications and Marketing provides a few marketing and communications services to the campus community. These services include:

  • Ad
  • Brochure
  • E-blast/ Email Announcement
  • Flyer/Poster
  • Photography
  • Website Announcement Slide
  • Website Update

A Project Request Form must be completed before work begins. The Project Request Form can be found on the University Relations webpage. All requests will be reviewed upon receipt. The requestor will then be contacted by our staff within three (3) business days to discuss project requirements, timelines, and resources.

Timelines for different projects vary based on complexity, and additional factors including the urgency of need and the Office of Communications and Marketing current workload can affect production times.


External Media

The Office of Communications and Marketing is the official source for Harris-Stowe State University news and information. All media inquiries regarding institutional initiatives, activities, or issues should be forwarded to the Office of Communications and Marketing at (314) 340-3391 or


Media Access to Campus

Media access to Harris-Stowe’s campus requires prior approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing. Without prior permission, access to classrooms, offices, event space, and all residence halls is prohibited.

All media interviews with faculty, staff, or students must have prior approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing. A representative from the Office of Communications and Marketing must accompany the media representative to the interview.


Photography and Videography

It is the policy of HSSU that ALL photography or filming on HSSU’s campus or at any HSSU event is approved in advance, this includes but is not limited to photography or filming for instructional purposes, commercial, news media, or event purposes. The Office of Communications and Marketing must grant written permission before any photography or filming can take place. All request must be submitted a minimum of one week in advance.

Visitors to campus are welcome to take photographs for their personal use. Personal photos may be taken by students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and other visitors provided they are used exclusively for non-commercial purposes and do not interfere with University operations.


Photo and Video Release

Harris-Stowe State University does not require written photo releases for individuals in photos or videos taken at public events. However, a photo/video release is needed for photos or video of children under the age of 18 years old, and for photos that may later be used for advertisement or marketing purposes. A copy of the University’s Photo and Video Release Form can be found at



To ensure that HSSU’s brand is portrayed in accordance with the visual standards outlined in the University’s Brand Standards Identity Guide. The Office of Communications and Marketing must review all printed materials that will be distributed to the general public, campus community or utilize the University logo; this includes, but is not limited to, brochures, flyers, posters, magazines, newsletters, and signage.

The Division of Student Affairs must first approve student marketing pieces before they are submitted to the Office of Communications and Marketing for review. All request for approval along with associated documents should be emailed to before printing.


Social Media

The Office of Communications and Marketing oversees Harris-Stowe State University’s presence on key social networking sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube) and will evaluate whether to launch a presence on new sites as they become available.

Only University-wide information deemed relevant to various Harris-Stowe audiences is shared via the primary social media outlets. Any existing websites or pages that represent Harris-Stowe are reviewed routinely and may be amended or, when necessary, removed.

If your department or organization wants to have its own social media page, Social Media Department/Organization Request form must be completed and sent to The Office of Communications before the page is created.

Those looking to create an account, must meet with the Digital Media Specialist in the Office of Communications and Marketing to discuss the university social media policies, strategy, goals, and messaging for the desired media.

All official social media accounts are required to register with the Office of Communications and Marketing.

As part of the registration process, it is required that you provide the name, phone number and email address for the account manager and a backup manager.

Administrative access and passwords for University social media accounts must be maintained and surrendered to a University leader (director, dean or vice president) if the current social media manager, whether a student or employee, leaves the department, division or University.

All laws under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) must be followed. 


Flyer and Leaflet Approval

While Harris-Stowe State University is a public state institution, between the operating hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., during regular class sessions, the university reserves the right to question anyone on or within the realm of campus. All visitors on campus must first visit the Department of Public Safety in the Henry Givens Jr. Administration Building, Room 019. Failure to do so will result in the individual being asked to produce a valid state ID or current student ID. If neither is produced, depending on the nature of the business being conducted on campus, he or she may be asked to leave Harris-Stowe State University.

If one is visiting the campus to pass out leaflets or to post flyers of any sort, all materials MUST first be approved AND stamped by the Office of Communications located in HGA 307. The Office will only approve, promote and post flyers affiliated with the university. Exceptions may be made for materials from other campuses, non-profit organizations or those not affiliated with the University which advertise student, university, or community programs and are cosponsored by a university department or student organization with approval for the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Student organizations looking to post flyers must seek approval from the Office of Student Engagement, Gillespie Residence Hall & Student Center 134A. Flyers are not to be posted until approved and stamped.

Student Organizations are to remove flyers 24 hours after the scheduled program/event.


Flyer and Leaflet Posting

Harris-Stowe State University takes pride in the beauty and aesthetics of our campus. While flyers, posters, and signs are frequently used to publicize events, their proliferation can negatively affect the environment as well as detract from the beauty of our campus landscape. The following guidelines for posting are to ensure that we maintain the natural beauty of the campus and protect our buildings and grounds.

· Approved flyers are only to be posted on the designated bulletin boards around campus, and may not be displayed in/on doorways, windows, elevators, bathrooms, or stairwells.

· Flyers may not be posted on boards reserved for a specific department or research posters, or outside classrooms. Those spaces are for course cancellation/relocation notices only.

· Please use staples and/or pushpins as needed. If tape is needed, please use blue painters tape.

· No group may have more than one poster at a time on a bulletin board unless they are publicizing separate events.

· Student Organizations and individuals are to remove flyers 24 hours after the scheduled program/event. Flyers not removed will be placed in the appropriate recycle or trash bin.


Please direct all questions or concerns to the Office of Communications and Marketing at (314) 340-3391 or

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