Tuition, Fees, and Expenses

The Board of Regents reserves the right to change, at any time, all student fees, as well as the various regulations governing those fees. The following is a summary of current regulations regarding the various fees at Harris-Stowe State University.
The basic fees at the University are: 
  • Application Fee (Nonrefundable) 
  • Credit-Hour Fee 
  • Technology Fee (Nonrefundable) 
  • Student Activity Fee (Nonrefundable) 
  • Student Center Fee (Nonrefundable 
  • Book Rental Fee (Nonrefundable) 
  • Student Teaching Fee (Nonrefundable) (Teacher Education majors only) 

Each semester, Missouri residents are assessed a per credit-hour fee which is based upon the current Missouri resident tuition rate and the number of credit hours of course work in which the student is enrolled. The applicable semester or session rate is set forth in the course schedule, published specifically for that semester or session. 

Each semester, Non-Missouri residents are assessed a per credit hour fee, which is based upon the current Non-Missouri resident’s rate and on the number of credit hours of course work in which the student is enrolled. The applicable semester or session rate for Non-Missouri residents is also set forth in the course schedule published specifically for that semester or session. 

Both Missouri and Non-Missouri residents are assessed the same per credit-hour fees during Harris-Stowe’s summer sessions. This fee is set forth in the applicable Course schedule. All tuition charges and fees are due and payable prior to the student’s attendance to the class. Such fees include: 
  • Admission application processing fee
  • Credit-hour fee for courses taken (including late fees)
  • Technology fee
  • Student activity fee
  • Student Center fee 
  • Book rental fees 
  • Applicable miscellaneous charges and fees

Failure to pay an account balance will result in the following: 

  • A billing hold will be placed on the student’s account which will prevent access to official student records
  • Accounts past due more than 60 days will be forwarded to a collection agency
  • Costs incurred to collect past due amounts will be assessed to the student
Student registrations that occur during the “late registration period,” are assessed a “late registration fee.” This fee is non-refundable. 
An admission fee must accompany the admission application of all new students and all readmitted students.
Note: A readmitted student is one whose total enrollment at the University has been interrupted for one or more semesters. 
Tuition and fee payments may be made in person, mail, online at www.hssu.edu or at the payment drop box near the Bursar’s Office, HGA Room 018. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, Discover, American Express, VISA or MasterCard.
Note: A return check fee will be assessed for any checks returned unpaid. The University offers a monthly payment plan which requires a payment plan fee and monthly payments (please see the payment terms as published in the current Course Schedule). Under this plan, the student must make a minimum payment and complete an Installment agreement. Payments are due by the fifth of each month. A penalty fee may be assessed each month, on any and all unpaid balances that remain after the scheduled payment due date. 
Students are NOT permitted to register if they have “holds” from the Bursar’s Office, University’s library, the Athletic Department, Office of Admissions, the Office of Financial Assistance or other academic or administrative offices. Students enrolled at the University as part of a contract or grant program are charged as set forth in the contract or grant agreements. 
A nonrefundable fee is assessed for each drop form initiated by the student, whether or not that instance is for one or several course withdrawals after the University census date. A fee will not be assessed if a student withdraws from all classes at one time. 
A fee is assessed to cover expenses related to the student’s degree conferral and commencement convocation. The Graduation Application fee is set forth in the University’s Tuition and Fee Schedule applicable to the semester or session and available on the Bursar’s web pages. 
Please refer to the Office of the Registrar’s web page for fees associated with transcript requests. An official transcript may be mailed, picked up in person, or issued electronically by pdf or exchange through the National Student Clearinghouse. A transcript request must be accompanied with the specified fee, prior to the issuance of the transcript.
Note: Transcripts will not be released for students who have “holds” on their account. “Holds” may result from an unpaid balance or non-fulfillment of an administrative process. 
When an external organization makes a commitment to pay your educational expenses, they are considered a third-party payer by the University. This organization must submit a letter of authorization to the Bursar’s Office. The authorization should include: 
  • Student name
  • Semester covered by funds
  • Type of charges and fees covered (tuition, fees, books, etc.)
  • Correspondent’s address for submission of HSSU invoice
  • Contact person’s name, telephone number and e-mail address
Third-party payers must pay the University directly. Organizations that pay or reimburse students directly will not be allowed to participate in third-party billing.
Once the letter of authorization is received from the Bursar’s Office, an invoice will be forwarded to the third-party payer. Invoices will be submitted at the beginning of the semester after the refund period. All invoices will be accompanied by the third-party payer’s required supporting documentation (i.e., verification of enrollment, fee schedule and book and supply receipts). Balances that remain unpaid are the responsibility of the student. 
If a student has applied for financial assistance in advance and has received an award letter, the letter describes how much of the award will be paid toward the tuition and student fees. If the student receives a partial award, then the student must pay the remainder of the student fees and participate in the Monthly Payment Plan (see the course schedule for more information).
Financial aid that has not yet been disbursed will appear on the student’s monthly billing statement as “Pending Aid.” Pending Aid is financial aid that has not been disbursed to the student’s account. Statements will reflect pending aid as a deduction from the student’s account balance, which will be calculated toward the student’s balance due. Student refunds are processed only on disbursed funds. Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance if you have applied for financial aid in advance and have not received your award letter by the date your student fees are due.
Tuition refunds are made in varying amounts to students who officially withdraw from the University. Such refunds are computed as percentages of the tuition which the student has been assessed at the time of his or her registration. Below are the methods by which the amount of refund is determined during the fall or spring semesters. If the Student-Originated Drop/Withdrawal is received by the Office of the Registrar: 
  • Prior to the start of classes, the tuition and fees, with the exception of nonrefundable fees, will be refunded
  • Before the end of the late registration period, then the tuition refund or adjustment will be 100% of all refundable tuition that has already been paid
  • Through the second week of classes, the tuition refund or adjustment will be 50% of all refundable tuition that has already been paid
  • Through the third week of classes, the tuition refund or adjustment is 25% 
Additional Information Regarding Withdrawals 
1. The refund policy for each semester or summer session will be found in the course schedule for that semester or session. 
2. Class cancellations made by the University administration will result in a full refund. Administrative withdrawals granted by the University administration, for reasons over which the student had no reasonable control, will result in a refund or adjustment of fees, in accordance with the Fee Refund Policy relative to the effective withdrawal date. 
3. Students are responsible for checking each semester and the summer session course schedule to obtain specific withdrawal dates that apply to refunds for that semester or summer session. 
4. A student who has elected to pay his or her tuition and fees on the monthly plan and later officially withdraws from the University or reduces his or her course load, is liable for all assessed fees that are due to the University, according to the current Refund Policy. 
5. Any refund or adjustment due to a student whose fees were paid through a financial-aid program or through a third-party billing program will be returned to that funding program, not to the student. 
6. Students must initiate and complete prompt withdrawal procedures or officially drop classes in order to be eligible for any tuition refund or adjustment. 
7. Student-initiated refunds/adjustments do not include the University’s Admission Application Processing fee, the Late Registration Fee, the Monthly Payment Fee, the Technology Fee, the Student Teaching Fee or the Student Activity Fee. 
8. A student enrolled in a particular course, although has never attended any classes of that course from its first session through the University administrative withdrawal date for never attending class(es), per the official attendance record, will be automatically withdrawn by the University from that course and a full refund of refundable tuition fees will be made. If, however, the student has already received federal financial aid through the University, NO fee refund will be made. It should be noted that Harris-Stowe will NOT otherwise withdraw any student from any course unless he or she has requested such in writing prior to the deadline date for course withdrawals for that Semester or session.
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