2020 MOLSAMP Summer REU Opportunities

The National Science Foundation, a federal government agency, funds research experience opportunities for undergraduate students through its Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) sites throughout the country. Undergraduate research is mentored, self-directed work that enables you to explore an area of interest in your discipline and communicate your findings with others. Your research will involve inquiry, design, investigation, research, data analysis, writing, and presenting your results. MOLSAMP scholars will have an opportunity to present their research at both local and national conferences and receive a stipend for their research presentations or participation.


University of Missouri - Columbia 

This is a program specifically for students at Missouri LSAMP schools (University of Missouri – Columbia, Harris-Stowe State University, Lincoln University, Missouri State University, St. Louis Community College, Truman State University, University of Central Missouri, University of Missouri – St. Louis, and Washington University in St. Louis). Undergraduates from Alliance Schools selected for this program will live on campus in Columbia and conduct research for 9 weeks. This is a full-time program and students may NOT enroll in other coursework or hold part-time jobs. Students are expected to be in Columbia for the whole 9 weeks (no vacations); although, no activities are planned on weekends and students may go home if they wish. Most students find that staying in Columbia on weekends is beneficial to their overall experience. Students will participate in all aspects of the larger summer program at Mizzou including orientation, educational programming, social events, and the Forum (poster session) at the end of the summer on July 30, 2020. The MU Office of Undergraduate Research will process applications and make selections and research placements in collaboration with MU science faculty. We are seeking students with career interests that include scientific research.

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Washington University (St. Louis) 

Students who are rising sophomores, juniors or seniors studying at U.S. institutions and who are from backgrounds historically underrepresented in STEM are eligible to apply. These backgrounds include: low-income, first-generation college, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and Native Pacific Islanders, and those with disabilities.Those who participate in the research component of the MOLSAMP program MUST submit a research proposal. You will have support when completing the proposal because our goal is to help you through the process. Applications for undergraduate research will be on rolling basis and remain open until all slots are filled. If you are interested in the Washington University- St. Louis MOLSAMP Summer Program, mathematics, biomedical sciences, physics, anthropology, chemistry or other Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) areas are acceptable.

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