2019 MOLSAMP Summer Sophomore STEM Institute

Institute Overview
The MOLSAMP Summer Sophomore STEM Institute is an intensive academic and student success summer immersion program designed to assist underrepresented minority (URM) STEM students with transitioning to their second year of study at a college or university.

Institute Purpose
Working in alignment with MOLSAMP Project objective two, focused around increasing retention rates of first and second year URM students, the MOLSAMP Summer Sophomore STEM Institute aims to retain second year URM STEM students by providing participants with tools that aid students in successfully completing the second year.

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the MOLSAMP Summer Sophomore STEM Institute participating students will be able to:

  • Design an Academic Success Graduation Plan
  • Illustrate a major/minor degree map to guide their persistence towards attaining an undergraduate degree
  • Identify and appraise their individual talents that will help them attain a degree
  • Expound how financial literacy is key to their degree attainment
  • Examine STEM careers and STEM graduate school programs
  • Compile and illustrate a Level UP plan for living their best life
  • Identify and explain the characteristics and symptoms associated with the Imposter Syndrome    
  • Summarize the Sophomore Slump phenomenon and write a plan to overcome the Slump
  • Demonstrate the ability to navigate academic research databases, interpret and compose academic abstracts and examine academic research articles 
  • Use Purdue OWL to compile research paper bibliographies

How the Institute Works
The MOLSAMP Summer Sophomore STEM Institute is a week-long residential program (July 28 – August 4, 2019) funded through a National Science Foundation LSAMP grant. Hosted annually at a MOLSAMP Alliance campus, the Institute consist of 25 URM STEM students selected from across MOLSAMP Institutions. Participants will be provided lodging, meals, and funding for transportation to and from the Institute.  In addition, students will earn a certificate of completion and be awarded a $1,000 stipend.

Register for the MOLSAMP Summer Sophomore STEM Institute: Level UP: MOLSAMP Summer Sophomore STEM Institute

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