2018 Inaugural MOLSAMP Undergraduate Research Symposium at Harris-Stowe State University

Panelist Thurgood Marshall College Fund Vice President of Programs Andrea Horton and Professor Dr. Sandra Leal of Harris-Stowe State University
Panelist Staff Neuroscientist Washington University in St. Louis, MO Dr. Tracey O. Hermanstyne
MOLSAMP student presenting intentionally and innovatively
Breakout Session Missouri Office of Administration
Panelist and Missouri Office of Administration presenter Roxy Antonio
Breakout Session National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program STEM student listens closely
Breakout Session National Science Foundation Graduation Fellowship speaker Dr. Susan Renoe
Breakout Session Thurgood Marshall College Fund Director, Research and Evaluation Andre Sanders
Director, MOLSAMP Dr. Herrion opens the symposium
MOLSAMP STEM major provides information to a STEM peer
The STEM students are focused and always professionally postured
MOLSAMP STEM majors sharing ideas and goals
KIPNspire Founder Mr. Brian Thomas engaging with a MOLSAMP STEM major
Leaders from Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies with MOLSAMP STEM majors
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Harris-Stowe State University Dr. Dwanye Smith and STEM majors sharing
Founder of Success Academy, LLC Tina Grimes reminds the students that everyone communicates, but few connect successfully
A powerful STEM presentation by a young leader
Panelist Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies Selvin Jones infuses STEM knowledge and excellence
Keynote address from Director for BioSTL STEM/Bioscience Entrepreneurial Inclusion Initiative Dr. Cheryl M. Watkins-Moore
Smiles are mandatory, we've been inspired to succeed, see you next year
Image of the HSSU seal


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