Student Panel Discussion Questions

Moderator and panelists were HSSU students

Q1: Urban Ecology is the study of ecosystems that include humans living in cities (urban environments). It is an interdisciplinary field with the goal to understand the nature of human dominated systems and how this system can maintain a healthy physical environment. The aims of SUE (sustainability and Urban Ecology) are to make sure these human dominated systems deliver inalienable human rights in a sustainable manner. What aspects of this have you been involved with and what does it mean to you?


Q2: Clearly SUE is a highly interdisciplinary field. Since human dominated landscapes must address political, geographical, cultural, engineering, and statistical issues to name a few. How can we find ways to integrate faculty and students from multiple departments when they are often quite disconnected? What initiatives have been taken through MSEIP to address this?


Q3) How can we find ways to I know you have been studying different aspects of SUE including removal of urban contaminants. What are some natural ways to improve indoor air quality as well as ways to decontaminate soil, and water?   

a)   -----you’ve done some work in the lab such as growing mushrooms, how does this relate to sustainability? 

Q4. Can you help us to understand about the differences between recycling and upcycle?


Q5.How can efforts in sustainability create jobs within a community? 


 Q6. How do we ensure that low income communities receive fresh foods? Are there such initiatives in Saint Louis? 


 Q7.  Next, let’s consider the concept of malnutrition. Many assume that malnutrition doesn’t relatively exist within the United States, what are your thoughts? 


 Q8. How does health and wellness fit into Urban Ecology and Sustainability? 


 Q9. How can technology help us to find solutions in regards to concerns around urban ecology and sustainability? 

 Q10. Overall, what has been the highlight of your activities in MSEIP?

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