Faculty Panel Discussion Questions

Panel: Dr. Podleski, Dr. Kant, Dr. Kline-Cherry, Dr. BashirModerator: Dr.Balakrishna
"Hello Everyone our faculty panel will now address the goals of our MSEIP SUE project, what they have learned along the way and where they see this going. I was at the 1StL sustainability conference recently and it was interesting how what they were articulating at the conference were very much related to how we ourselves were approaching SUE on our much more local scale in terms of understanding our urban environment, seeing what it delivers, and the problems with the mode of delivery in terms of ecology and the environment. Then looking to revitalize our environs in a sustainable manner while making sure we don’t give up the positives of urban living, its creative energies, and our individual dreams and aspirations. As educators our priority is our students, making them cognizant of the environmental issues involved, supporting their dreams and aspirations and helping them become better stewards of the planet than our generations have been. Simultaneously we must teach them the technical and analytical skills in order to be successful in the world of today. In the process we ourselves grow in our own understanding and actually become students ourselves- educational renewal if you will."

1)     As faculty who are involved in the HSSU MSEIP-SUE program, what do each of you see as your role in the program?

2)     What have you observed to have  been some of the positive effects of the program?

3)      Do programs like this have a benefit for students who are not in the program?

4)     What is your own view of sustainability and Urban Ecology.

5)      Are you seeing ways to integrate your own field of study wit SUE?

6)     We have brought in students from diverse backgrounds  weaving together the sustainability story. Do you see the possibility now for faculty to be involved in interdisciplinary SUE related collaboration and research activities?

7)     How can we interface with people outside our university for enhancing SUE activities and service learning?

8)     What additional ways can we have students disseminate the information?

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