Honors Courses Planned for 2017-2019

Harris-Stowe Honors Students Need to Accumulate at least 20 General Education Credits at the Honors Level (-H sections); All Courses are 3 Credit Hours Except Where Specified(*). The Courses Highlighted Below are Planned as Honors Sections for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Academic Years

Oral and Written Communication: Nine (9) Credit Hours

Honors (-H1) Sections offered

ENG 0110 I  Engllish Composition I

ENG 0110I-H1 Fall 2017, Fall 2018

ENG 01101I Engllish Composition II

ENG 0110II-H1 Spring 2018, Spring 2019

SPCH 0109 Introductory Public Speaking

SPCH 0109-H1 Fall 2017, Fall 2018

Managing Information: One (1) Course Required

CED 0104 Introduction to Computing and Technology

MATH 0255 Lab in Statistical Computing (*1 credit)

MATH 0255-H1 Spring 2019

RM 0301  Research Methods

RM 0301-H1 Spring 2018

Social and Behavioral Sciences: Nine (9) Credit Hours

One (1) Course Required

HIST 0143 U.S. History I

HIST-0143-H1 Fall 2017, Fall 2018

HIST 0144 U.S. History II

One (1) Course Required

PSY 0100 General Psychology

SOC 0100 Introduction to Sociology

GEOG 0200 Principles of Geography

ECON 0203 Microeconomics

ECON 0204 Macroeconomics

EDUC 0214 Principles of Economics

URST 0100 Introduction to Urban Studies

URST 0100-H1 Spring 2018



American Government Required

POSC 0200 American Government Survey

POSC-0200-H1 Spring 2018, Spring 2019

(Must include POSC 0201II Missouri Constitution)



Mathematics: One (1) Course Required

MATH 0120 Structures of Mathematical Systems

MATH 0135 College Algebra

MATH 0136 Finite Math

MATH 0150 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

MATH 0170 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I



Valuing: Three (3) Credit Hours

One (1) Course Required

PHIL 0100 Introduction to Logical Thinking

PHIL 0101 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 0102 Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 0102-H1 Spring 2019


Life and Physical Science: Eight (8) Credit Hours


One course required from two (2) of the following clusters:

Life Science

BIO 0131 Introduction to Biology (Lecture)

BIO 0141 Principles of Biology

BIO 0151 Biology Survey

BIO 0151-H1 Fall 2017, Fall 2018


CHEM 0151 Fundamentals of Chemistry

CHEM 0255 General Chemistry

CHEM 0255-H1 Fall 2018

Physical Science

PHSC 0151 Physical Science Survey

PHY 0251 General Physics: Mechanics

GEOL 0250I General Geology

MET 0250 Introduction to Meteorology

PHYS 0253 Physics I: Mechanics

One (1) Lab Required (* labs are 2 credits)

BIO 0132 Introduction to Biology (Lab)

BIO 0150 Biology Demonstrations Lab

BIO 0152 Biology Survey Lab

BIO 0152-H1 Fall 2018

CHEM 0152 Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab

CHEM 0256 General Chemistry Lab

CHEM 0256-H1 Fall 2018

PHSC 0152 Physical Science Survey Lab

PHY 0252General Physics: Mechanics Lab

Humanities & Fine Arts: Six (6) Credit Hours

One (1) Course Required

ENG 0203 Introduction to Literature

ENG 0203-H1 Spring 2018

SPAN 0160 I Introduction to Spanish Language and Culture

SPAN 0160 II Essentials of Spanish Language and Culture

HIST 0213 World History I

HIST 0214 World History II

One (1) Course Required

ART 0150 Introduction to Art

ART 150-H1 Fall 2017

ART 0200 Art History, Theory and Criticism

MUS 0206 Basic Music

MUS 0223 African American Music

THR 0100 Theatre Appreciation



Higher Order Thinking

GEN 0200 General Education Synthesis (*1 credit hour)

GEN 0200-H1 Spring 2018, Spring 2019

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