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Welcome from the President

It is my privilege to greet you as the first president of the Harris-Stowe State University Pre-Law Club. I am honored to be the first of many generations that will lead this great organization. Because this is a new organization with a deep mission for change, I would like to give you a brief history of the Pre-Law Club.

The Pre-Law Club was officially, by merger, founded in 2010. In 2009, our organization was known as the Mock Trial Team. Thus, due to strong demand from the student body and their desire to learn more about the legal profession, we merged with the Pre-Law Club and became one officially recognized campus organization. The merger allows our club to utilize its resources effectively, attract and retain the best students from the University and contend more competitively in the American Mock Trial Competitions, which are hosted by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA).

The Pre-Law Club’s mission is to ultimately increase the number of minorities who successfully apply and get accepted into law school. Our vision, powerful in nature, is to be the first in law on the HSSU campus. That is, we will aim to become the largest student-run organization that will be known for fostering interest in law, debate and other competitive programs. Some time in the future, this organization will become a campus-wide name and will be known for professional conduct, high ethical standards, helping the local community, influencing the world and competing with the top universities in the country!

This year, we will initiate many programs and events for the student body. These programs and events include a debate team, competing in the AMTA competition, LSAT preparation and more. To do so, we will need the innovative minds that exist on the HSSU campus to join us in our mission of change. The Pre-Law Club is an attractive and well-rounded organization that has the potential to benefit many diverse students. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Computer Technology candidate or even a Marketing candidate — our organization has much to offer you!

Becoming a member is as simple as attending our scheduled meetings and thinking open-mindedly. Will you join us in our mission for change?

Richard Jerelds
Founding President

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