Pivotal Years at HSSU

1857 Harris Teachers College The St. Louis Board of Education founds Harris Teachers College to prepare white teachers for white elementary schools.
1890 Stowe Teachers College The St. Louis Board of Education founds Stowe Teachers College to prepare black teachers for black elementary schools.
1938 Both Colleges reorganize themselves and form two academic levels: a junior college division and a senior college division.
1954 Harris Teachers College The St. Louis Board of Education merges the two Colleges, which became Harris Teachers College.
1977 Harris-Stowe College The St. Louis Board of Education changes the name to Harris-Stowe College.
1979 The state of Missouri passes legislation that makes Harris-Stowe College a part of the state’s system of Public Higher Education.
1981 The state of Missouri approves baccalaureate degree programs in Early Childhood Education, Middle School Education and Urban Education.
1987 Historically Black College Harris-Stowe College is named one of the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities under the U.S. Department of Education.
1993 Harris-Stowe State College The state of Missouri authorizes the College to expand its mission by offering baccalaureate degree programs in Business Administration, Secondary Teacher Education and Criminal Justice, as well as to add the word “state” to its title.
1996 The city of St. Louis gives the college nearly 18 acres of land, formerly Laclede Town site, for just $10.
1998 AT&T Library and Technology Resource Center Construction of this building, formerly the Southwestern Bell Library and Technology Resource Center, begins.
1999 Vashon Community Center Harris-Stowe receives the Vashon Community Center and its land for just $10 from the city of St. Louis.
2003 Emerson Performance Center The College completes its fourth building, which houses the Board of Regents Gymnasium, the Bank of America Theatre and the Whitaker Foundation Art Room.
2004 US Bank Entryway Arch The College dedicates its new arch, emblematic of the great things that occur when you enter the arches.
2005 The Anheuser-Busch School of Business opens in a temporary facility in the fall of 2005. On August 26, the College celebrates its official change to Harris-Stowe State University, and the former Vashon Community Center facility is officially listed by the Federal Government in the National Register of Historic Places.
2006 Rev. Dr. William G. Gillespie Residence Hall and Student Center Harris-Stowe State University becomes a residential campus with the opening of its first-ever residence hall.
2009 Harris-Stowe opens the state-of-the-art William L. Clay Sr. Early Childhood Development/Parenting Education Center on its campus.


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