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About The Office of STEM Initiatives

The OSI Overview:

The Office of STEM Initiatives (The OSI) at Harris-Stowe State University (HSSU) is committed to developing and implementing initiatives that broaden participation of underrepresented minority (URM) students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). In addition, The OSI supports faculty development to enhance pedagogy and cultivates partnerships with other academic institutions, as well as, public and private organizations to advance STEM at HSSU. 

As societal STEM issues present challenges to the St. Louis region and beyond, The OSI understands its role to contribute to the public good. Through a four prong strategy approach, The OSI collaborates closely with faculty, students, staff and administration to: advance undergraduate research; innovate programs and activities; support teaching and learning; and generate opportunities for institutional advancement at HSSU.

The OSI provides leadership for undergraduate research, the HSSU Geospatial Science Initiative, academic partnerships in STEM, and several National Science Foundation grant funded research programs.

The OSI Approach:

The OSI works to integrate academic affairs and student affairs to design, organize, and implement high impact experiences related to areas listed below:

Undergraduate Research:

To enhance scientific skills and professional development of students, The OSI constructs research pathways to engage a pipeline of STEM students in experiential learning through undergraduate research projects. Leveraging University and grant funding support, STEM students may participate in paid research projects with faculty, community partners or other organizations. These enriching research experiences prepare HSSU students for graduate or professional school and future STEM careers.

Programs and Activities:

The OSI supports student learning and faculty development through programs and activities that advance student success. The OSI offers monthly STEM meetings featuring guest lecturers including scientists, researchers, and graduate school program representatives from institutions around the globe. Serving the entire academic community through its programs and activities, The OSI connects students to opportunities including academic conferences, internships, and fellowships in various STEM disciplines. Programs and activities offered by The OSI, include the Missouri Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (MOLSAMP), the HSSU Geospatial Science Initiative, STEM workforce preparedness programs, and academic partnerships. Through these experiences The OSI supports student persistence to successfully complete their STEM degree.

Teaching and Learning:

Teaching and learning components of The OSI support student learning and faculty development in STEM at HSSU. These components promote the dissemination of STEM discoveries with collegiate partnerships for a society faced with ever-increasing scientific challenges.

The OSI of Harris-Stowe State University supports teaching and learning to engage students and faculty in high-impact experiences, i.e., extensive laboratory experiments, regular and consistent study of STEM journals, partnerships with other collegiate STEM scholars, and participation in local, regional and national STEM organizations and associations. 

Through teaching resources and learning opportunities, The OSI is dedicated to advance the representation and contributions of minorities in STEM. HSSU does this to develop solutions to societal grand challenges facing the world.

Institutional Advancement:

To advance HSSU and its STEM agenda, The OSI operates through innovation to cultivate partnerships with academic, corporate, and start-up entities to engage in collaborative relationships that broaden the participation of URM students in STEM.

In addition, The OSI leverages the strength of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in St. Louis to engage its faculty and students in innovative work that create solutions to societal grand challenges and deepens HSSU’s footprint in STEM.            

The OSI looks to strengthen workforce readiness of the University’s STEM students. In addition, The OSI aims to enhance the professional identity of Harris-Stowe STEM students, heighten student employability, strengthen student marketability, and showcase the professional competencies of HSSU STEM students. 


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