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The College of Arts & Sciences at Harris-Stowe State University is located at three different places on the beautiful and expanding campus.

The fine arts and theater areas are housed in the Emerson Performance Center. The humanities, criminal justice, social and behavioral sciences areas are housed in Rooms 209 and 210 of the Dr. Henry Givens Jr. Administration Building, and the life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and computer education/computer science areas are housed in Room 317 of Dr. Henry Givens, Jr. Administration Building.

The College of Arts & Sciences consists of the following five departments:

The Department of Behavioral Sciences 

Chair: Mr. Adolphus Hardy
(314) 340-3684
HGA 209

The Department of Biology

Chair: Dr. Scott Horrell
(314) 446-8299
HGA 317


The Department of Humanities

Chair: Dr. Dike Okoro
(314) 340-3666
HGA 208


The Department of Mathematics and Applied Science

Chair: Dr. Ann Podleski
(314) 340-3565
HGA 317


The Department of Social Sciences

Chair: Dr. Andre Smith
(314) 340-3687
HGA 208


The College of Arts & Sciences offers the following baccalaureate programs: B.S. in Biology with minors in Pre-Medicine and Urban Ecology; B.S. in Criminal Justice with options in Juvenile Justice and Law Enforcement; B.S. in Mathematics with options in Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics; a B.S. in Professional Interdisciplinary Studies; and a B.S. in Urban Education with options in Public Administration and Urban Studies.

The College of Arts & Sciences also provides course offerings in general education. In this regard, it is the gateway to all degree programs at the University. In collaboration with the College of Education, the College of Arts & Sciences provides course offerings in fine arts, music, computer education/technology, English, mathematics and unified science.

The faculty of the College are ethnically and culturally diverse. Its members draw from four different countries: USA, Nigeria, India and Argentina. Currently, the College includes 32 full-time and about 40 adjunct professors. These faculty members have a wealth of experience in higher education teaching and diverse fields of specialization. Notable among them are Dr. John MacDougal, an astute, well-published and well-known plant and field biologist from Duke University; and Gregory Carr, a multi-talented playwright and astute speech communication professor.

The goal of the Arts & Sciences faculty is to produce competent and highly qualified graduates with excellent communication, critical thinking and analytical skills. Our faculty are friendly and prepared to meet and work with all of our students within a cordial and mutually respectful atmosphere. Students are encouraged to come prepared to work with our faculty. As new information relating to changes in curriculum, new degree programs or opportunities for our students become available, they will be posted on this website. 

If you have any questions about the College of Arts & Sciences programs, please contact us at (314) 340-3349 or (314) 340-3317.





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