Facilities Management is responsible for special event setups, building renovations, overseeing grounds maintenance, painting and energy management as well as the day-to-day operations and maintenance of University facilities and grounds. Employees in Facilities Management maintain seven buildings on two campuses totaling more than 376,000 square feet of building space situated on more than 43 acres. The 11 department employees support a full- and part-time student population of approximately 2,000 as well as a full-time faculty and staff of approximately 260. Our desire is that you become acquainted with and possess a general understanding of the role of Facilities Management. A brief directory of the services is provided. Questions about any issues not covered here should be directed to the Facilities Management Office at (314) 340-3351 or via e-mail at

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Air Conditioning - Window Units
The recent energy project in the Administration Building has improved air conditioning by providing a new central chiller plant that is managed by Facilities personnel through a Central Monitoring and Control (CMC) system. The use of window air conditioners is highly discouraged and evaluated on a case by case basis. Requests for the installation of window air conditioning units should be submitted to Facilities Management for consideration.

Requests for the installation of new carpeting or the replacement of existing carpeting must be submitted as a work order request to the Business Office, Room 105 in the Administration Building.

Computers – Move Request, Installation, Data
Requests for moving computers, installation or for additional data connections must be submitted to IT, Room 014A in the Administration Building ( or call (314) 256-8200).  The work will be coordinated with Facilities Management.

Furniture and Equipment Assembly
Aside from delivery of pre-assembled new furniture and equipment, requests for furniture assembly and equipment assembly should be submitted as a work order request to Facilities Management with the appropriate account code for labor charges to be billed for assembly. 

Heating – Portable Space Heaters
The recent energy project in the Administration Building has improved air conditioning by providing better distribution for the heating plant. The heating plant is managed by Facilities personnel through a CMC system. The use of space heaters is discouraged throughout the university except in unusual cases. Requests for the use of space heaters should be made to Facilities Management. Each heater must be inspected to ensure it is properly functioning prior to use and must possess a University Safety Check Tag. Frayed cords and missing grounding prongs are not safe and will not pass inspection.

Interior Painting/Wall Covering
Requests for painting of offices, redecorating and the touch-up of damaged surfaces should be submitted as a work order request to Facilities Management. Cost for the repairs from malicious damage and vandalism will be charged to the responsible person(s).

Keys and Access
Facilities Management provides oversight to access management and key acquisition. The system commonly used is Best Access and features a lock system with interchangeable cores. Keys are requested through the standard work order system and are issued through the Department of Public Safety. To have a lock changed, a work order needs to be submitted with the reason for the request.

Telephone Services
Telephone service requests or problems should be directed to the Department of Information Technology.

Utilities – Interruption or Emergency
Facility operations means that utility services require scheduled periodic maintenance. Although planned utility outages will be published in advance, emergency and unscheduled can occur with little or no warning. Although an emergency shutdown is rather self-evident in nature, Facilities Management personnel will attempt to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. All life-threatening related issues should be reported to Public Safety at (314) 340-3333.
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