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Handshake Career and Internship Postings:

Thank you for contacting Harris-Stowe State University for your recruiting needs. Students and alumni are eligible to use our online recruitment system; Handshake. Employers registered in the HSSU Handshake must have bona fide employment opportunities suitable for college recruiting.

Harris-Stowe State University retains the right to determine which employment opportunities are suitable for listing in the HSSU Handshake after taking into consideration the best interests of students.

  • Opportunities for independent contractors may be posted, but only if no upfront fees or costs are required and a “pyramid” structure is not used.
  • Jobs performed in private homes (e.g. child care, home repairs/maintenance, home health care aides) may not be posted.
  • Paid internships may be posted.
  • Unpaid internships may be posted. Decisions regarding the earning of academic credit by students participating in unpaid internships are made by the appropriate academic departments; the opportunity to earn academic credit will differ by departments.
  • Harris-Stowe State University is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and abides by their Principles for Professional Conduct

To create an account in the Harris-Stowe State University Handshake, please access the registration page through the following link: Handshake for Employers.  

If you have additional questions, please contact our Administrative Assistant Patricia Butler at or 314-340-3512. 


Office of Career Engagement Employer Connections

Virtual Career Fairs: Career fairs are held each spring to facilitate students' efforts to obtain company information and or meet employers who are seeking to fill internship, co-op, and full-time career positions. Contact Center for Career Engagement in order to be added to our job fair mailing list at HSSU plans to host the next virtual career fair in the spring of 2021!

Cooperative Education & Internship Programs: The internship and co-op programs are designed to integrate academic learning with paid, planned, and supervised work experience. The purpose of the programs is for students to gain relevant work experience while meeting the needs of the employer. Students may choose to work part- or full-time during the academic year or summer session. All Harris-Stowe students are required to complete an internship related to their academic majors during their senior year. 

Virtual Campus Recruiting and Interviewing: Employers are welcome to schedule on-campus visits for recruitment or interviewing purposes. Employers may forward fliers or posters prior to campus visits in order to publicize the date and purpose for the campus visit.

Volunteer Speakers: A variety of events are coordinated by the Center for Career Engagement. Employers who are willing to serve as guest speakers are encouraged to contact our office.

Partner Sponsor Programs: The Center for Career Engagement is seeking additional ways to partner with area employers in order to continue providing quality services. We welcome the opportunity to apply for any grants offered by your organization. Ask us about how we can partner with your organization.


Victoria A. Harris

Director of Career Engagement and Experiential Learning

P: 314-340-3512



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