Full Time Staff and Faculty Employee Benefits

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 The following is a brief outline of the fringe benefits package now provided full-time regular employees of the University.  Detailed information on various plans can be found in the links below:


  1. Health Insurance – The University provides prescription drug, hospital, surgical, and medical insurance for all full-time regular employees through the medical insurer, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The employee’s portion is $100.00 per month for single coverage.  This rate increases if the employee elects to purchase coverage for their dependents. Anthem Health Plan Info
  2. Dental Insurance – Full-time regular employees may purchase dental coverage in one of three voluntary dental insurance plans through Guardian Life/Dental.  Employees may also purchase coverage for a spouse and/or child(ren). Guardian Dental
  3. Vision Insurance – Full-time regular employees may purchase vision coverage through EyeMed. Employees may also purchase coverage for a spouse and/or child(ren). EyeMed Vision
  4. Life Insurance – Full-time regular employees of the University are enrolled in a group life insurance program at no cost to the employee through MetLife Insurance . Basic life coverage is equal to two and one-half times the employee’s annual earnings, up to a maximum of $100,000.  Employees may purchase additional amounts of personal insurance and dependent coverage.  Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance is also given to the employee at no cost.  These coverages are full-time, on or off the job.  Benefits are not affected by private membership in other life insurance plans.
  5. Disability Insurance – The University’s long term disability insurance plan may provide a totally disabled employee 60% of his/her salary up to a maximum of $10,000 per month. This percentage is composed of benefits paid under Social Security, and other pension plans.  There is no cost to the employee for this coverage.
  6. Retirement –All new Faculty members hired after July 1, 2002, if they were not previously a MOSERS’ participant, will be enrolled in the University and College Retirement Plan (CURP) instead of MOSERS. This plan is also funded by the University and gives immediate vesting to its participants. MOSERS Online

*Employees must review the CURP enrollment materials as soon as possible and by using the TIAA-CREF Web Center: go on line to make their investment elections or by calling the TIAA-CREF Telephone Counseling Center at 800-842-2776.  If you do not elect investment options, the contributions plus any earnings will default to the CREF Money Market Account because you have not chosen your own allocation.  If you do not list a beneficiary, your estate is automatically designated as your beneficiary.

  1. Social Security – The University matches the employee’s contribution for Social Security benefits.
  2. Tuition Remission – Full-time regular employees and their eligible dependents may enroll in courses at Harris-Stowe State University and the tuition is waived. (Eligible dependents are defined as those claimed on the employee’s W-2 Income Tax Form that is filed with Internal Revenue Services each year.  A copy of this form must be submitted at the time the request is made for a dependent’s tuition remission.) Tuition remission is granted on a first-come-first-served basis through a round-robin procedure.  Eligibility is as follows:  Up to six credit hours for Fall and Spring semesters, and three credit hours for each of Summer Session I and Summer Session II.
  3. Workers’ Compensation – All employees of the University are covered by Missouri Workers’ Compensation and are entitled to treatment by an authorized medical doctor for any injury sustained on the job. The employee may also be reimbursed for lost time, disability, or dismemberment.
  4. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - The University offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help employees resolve personal problems that can have a negative effect on their lives and job performance.  When help is needed, regardless of the type of problem, e.g., financial, alcohol, drug, marital, family, etc., free counseling is offered to employees and their families.  The EAP may be accessed directly, without discussion with University personnel, simply by logging on to User Name: metlifeeap Password: eap.
  5. Holidays – Paid holidays observed by the University are published according to the academic calendar. The President of the University may announce special holidays in addition to the ones published yearly.
  6. Vacation – Only full-time employees in positions budgeted as having full benefits from working at the University are eligible for paid vacation leave. There is no vacation accrual given to Faculty members. Professional Staff accrues at 1.666 days of paid vacation for each full month of full-time employment and Support Staff accrues at 0.833 days of paid vacation for each full month of employment.
  7. Sick Leave – Only full time employees in positions budgeted as having full benefits from working at the University are eligible for paid sick leave. Sick days are accrued to an unlimited maximum by eligible full-time staff employees at the rate of one day for each full month of employment. Faculty members are granted 9 sick leave days at the beginning of each academic year.
  8. Personal Leave – Full-time University employees are granted two day s of personal leave with pay in each fiscal year.
  9. Funeral Leave – Absence with pay will be authorized for the funeral services of immediate family members.
  10. Jury Duty – Employees of the University, officially selected by proper court officials as jurors, shall be granted leave with pay for such duty. Such Jury Duty must be documented.
  11. Bookstore – The Bookstore gives a 20% discount on all personal purchases over $5.00 upon presentation of the staff identification card.
  12. Military Leave – An employee who is a member of the National Guard or any reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States, is entitled to leave of absence with pay, in addition to annual or sick leave, on days such member is ordered to required military duty or training not to exceed fifteen working days in any one federal fiscal year.

*This limitation does not apply to members of the National Guard engaged in the performance of required duty or training in the service of the State at the call of the Governor and as ordered by the Adjutant General.

  1. Savings Annuity Plans – The State of Missouri offers a Deferred Compensation Plan which is a voluntary tax deferred 403(b) annuity plan, which is available to all employees. 
  2. Tax Savings Benefit – The University offers a before-tax salary reduction plan for health insurance, dental and vision premiums. You may also take advantage of this before-tax salary reduction plan for medical expenses and dependent/childcare.  This is offered through the Missouri State Employees’ Cafeteria Plan via ASIFlex. ASIFlex Plan


Please feel free to contact the Human Resources Office (314) 340-3340 if you have any questions about the University or the fringe benefits available to you as a full time employee.

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