2020 Employee Benefit Changes

The following is a brief outline of the changes in the benefits package now provided full-time regular employees of the University.  Detailed information on various plans can be found via the links below:

  • Dental Insurance - Full-time regular employees may purchase dental coverage in one of two voluntary dental insurance plans through Delta Dental.  Employees may also purchase coverage for a spouse and/or child(ren). To see the coverage options please click here: Delta Dental Low Delta Dental High
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - The University offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) via Mutual of Omaha to help employees resolve personal problems that can have a negative effect on their lives and job performance.  When help is needed, regardless of the type of problem, e.g., financial, alcohol, drug, marital, family, etc., free counseling is offered to employees and their families.  The EAP may be accessed directly, without discussion with University personnel.
  • Life Insurance – Full-time regular employees of the University are enrolled in a group life insurance program at no cost to the employee through United of Omaha Life Insurance. Basic life coverage is equal to two and one-half times the employee’s annual earnings, up to a maximum of $100,000. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance is also given to the employee at no cost. The Principal Sum amount of AD&D is equal to the amount of your life isnurance benefit. The Life Insurance benefits are not affected by private membership in other life insurance plans.
    • Employees may purchase additional amounts of personal insurance and dependent coverage (i.e. self, spouse and children) via United of Omaha Life Insurance and New York Life Insurance. 
United of Omaha Life Insurance Minimum Guarantee Issue Maximum
For You $10,000 5 times annual salary, up to $100,000 $500,000 in increments of $10,000, but no more than 5 times annual salary
Spouse $5,000 100% of employee's benefit, up to $30,000 100% of employee's benefit, up to $100,000
Children $1,000 100% of employee's benefit 100% of employee's benefit, up to $10,000
  • Disability Insurance – This insurance program is at no cost to the employee through United of Omaha Life Insurance. The University’s long term disability insurance plan may provide a totally disabled employee 60% of his/her salary up to a maximum of $13,000 per month. This percentage is composed of benefits paid under Social Security, and other pension plans.  There is no cost to the employee for this coverage.
  • Savings Annuity Plans – The State of Missouri offers a Deferred Compensation Plan MoDeferred Comp which is a voluntary tax deferred 403(b) annuity plan, which is available to all employees. 

The Following Benefits will remain the same for 2020:

  • Health Insurance – The University provides prescription drug, hospital, surgical, and medical insurance for all full-time regular employees through the medical insurer, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The employee’s portion is $100.00 per month for single coverage.  This rate increases if the employee elects to purchase coverage for their dependents. Anthem Health Plan Info
  • Vision Insurance – Full-time regular employees may purchase vision coverage through EyeMed. Employees may also purchase coverage for a spouse and/or child(ren). EyeMed Vision
  • Tax Savings Benefit – The University offers a before-tax salary reduction plan for health insurance, dental and vision premiums. You may also take advantage of this before-tax salary reduction plan for medical expenses and dependent/childcare.  This is offered through the Missouri State Employees’ Cafeteria Plan via ASIFlex. ASIFlex Plan
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