Student Worker and Participant Programs

Greetings Faculty, Staff and Students!

We are looking to ensure that our Student Workers are hired in accordance to University policy. The steps below apply to all Student Workers and Student Participants regardless of the source(s) of funding.

Temporary Student Workers who are going to work for the University in any capacity for any reason must complete the following: 

  • A Student Worker application via the HSSU Human Resources website Student Worker Application
  • State of Missouri W-4 Tax Form MO W-4
  • Employment Eligibility Verification via Federal I-9 Form Form I-9
  • Review the University's Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence/Discrimination policy in the Student Handbook (page 23-24)
  • Complete a backgound check with Human Resources prior to beginning any work assignment Background Check Authorization


Harris-Stowe State University Policy 8.1 Offers of Employment
With the exception of the Office of Human Resources, no University employee has the authority to, unilaterally, offer employment to, hire a job candidate, make any direct nor implied offer for employment, make representations and/or expressions to lead a job candidate to believe that an employment offer is made to a job candidate for employment. If an employee is found to have conducted such an act, made any implied, inferred, express (direct or indirect) offer of employment, without the knowledge or preapproval of the Office of Human Resources, that employee shall be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including termination. This conduct includes the act of disallowing University employees to contact and/or invite a job candidate to meet, interview, tour, discuss, converse (or any variation thereof), any subject related to University employment.

Pay Information

The University has a new pay card available for students. If your student already has direct deposit, their pay will remain the same unless they would rather have the pay card. If they do not have direct deposit, they are required to fill out the Wisely Pay Form. This will take the place of the direct deposit form.

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