Perhaps the single most important aspect of any student’s academic life is his or her degree program curriculum. To assist students in selecting and organizing a successful academic program, the University provides assistance through the Office of Academic Success.

The Office of Academic Success provides a holistic approach to helping students navigate their path to graduation; while providing guidance and advice to overcome academic and personal challenges.

The primary function of the Student Success Coach is to help each student understand the course requirements of the selected program curriculum and to guide students in making wise choices each semester in order to meet the degree or certification requirements.

Student Success Coaches seek to build positive and productive relationships to assist students with accomplishing their academic goals. Students are responsible for course completion and understanding the expectations of their instructors.

All students must follow the academic regulations, policies, prerequisites, and curriculum requirements to complete their degree program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the Office of Academic Success?
• The office is located on the ground floor of the Dr. Henry Givens Jr. Administration Building, Room 008, next door to the Admissions Office.

Who is my Student Success Coach?
• Students are assigned to a specific Student Success Coach, however, all of the Success Coaches are trained to offer assistance and answer questions. To find out who your Student Success Coach is you can log into MyHSSU and click “Academic Profile”.   

When should I meet with a Student Success Coach?
• All students are strongly encouraged to meet with a Success Coach when facing any academic or personal challenges or when support is needed. It is strongly recommended that students meet with their Success Coach at least twice each semester.

What should I bring to my meeting with a Student Success Coach?
• Any questions regarding prerequisites, curriculum requirements, graduation/certification requirements, department admissions requirements or any other questions or concerns. Students seeking to be registered for courses are expected to come prepared with courses they would like to be enrolled in.

How do I declare or change my major?
• Complete a Declaration of Specialization Form indicating an initial major and concentration or the new major and concentration. Here is the link: Change of Major Form

How many credit hours must I earn to be considered a sophomore, junior or senior?
• Freshman: 1-29 credit hours; Sophomore: 30-59 credit hours; Junior: 60-89 credit hours; Senior: 90 or more credit hours

When should I apply for graduation?
Students can apply for graduation once they have accrued at least 90 credit hours and are in senior standing. Students are required to apply for graduation before the Degree Conferral Date posted on the Academic Calendar. This calendar can be found on the student’s MyHSSU page under the University Calendar.

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Located at 3026 Laclede Ave., St. Louis, MO 63103 | (314) 340-3366

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